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STEM profiles and teaching practices for educators and STEM ideas and partnerships for policy-makers.


About this initiative

TeachSTEM is an initiative developed under the Artifex project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU. Our aim is to provide support and resources for STEM teachers to improve their practices and methodologies, further the specific STEM partnerships at schools and communities, and provide insights to policy makers with regard to the existing models and the challenges we all face in re-shaping our education and training systems and strengthening them with STEM-competences.


How we can be of help

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    STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education is now a priority for the EU, as we recognise that throughout the last few decades STEM studies and careers have been less attractive, while at the same time there is an immense demand for skills in STEM-related sectors is well expected to grow in the future.

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    Our focus

    STEM is a very large field of work and exploration. With the Artifex project and through this website we attempt to help educators identify their personal strengths and weaknesses with regard to teaching STEM, and to assist them in improving their skills and competences by providing ready-to-use practical workshops.

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    Self-assessment tool

    Our Artifex SAT was built and tested by university researchers. It helps teachers and practitioners who wish to integrate STEM in their classes and workshops better understand their strengths and weaknesses with regard to teaching STEM. Based on a short questionnaire, we will recommend personalised workshop scripts and instructions tailored to the specific competences and activity areas which an educator chooses to improve. This quick tool is available from here.

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    We have designed and tested a collection of STEM workshops. Each workshop comes with a set of instructions - difficulty level, group size, materials, activities, timing. STEM is a fun way for students to learn an important set of skills and be better prepared for their future workplace.

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    Good practices

    Successful STEM education typically requires cooperation between schools, teachers, students, local authorities and communities, and the business. We have collected some interesting cooperation models from different EU countries to help policy makers understand the variety of possibilities when designing STEM policies.

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    Read what people who currently hold STEM-related occupations say about their work, their vision for the future of their jobs and sectors, and the challenges ahead.

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