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In what level of education are you currently working?

Teaching subject

Years of teaching experience

I have confidence in how to…

Teach students about problem-solving

Use activities in teaching stimulating students’ creativity

Teach students about critical and analytical thinking

Use activities in which students work in groups

Provide students with tasks that have no right answer

Promote students’ thinking when it is ‘out of the box’

Promote students’ sense of initiative

Promote higher order thinking among students

Promote effective peer learning through student group work

Guide students in how to pose scientific questions, plan investigations, conduct them and draw conclusions

Stimulate students’ creativity by using a variety of instructional strategies

Use teaching activities that enforce the students to be critical and analytical

Involve students in learning through group work of various types (experimental, discussions, role playing, debates, etcetera)

Stimulate students to be enterprising

Have students using a variety of technologies

Use 3D printers myself

Let students use 3D printers

Let students use technology to access online resources and information as part of activities

Let students use the same kind of tools that professional STEM workers use, such as simulation tools, databases, satellites imagery, etcetera

Let students work on technology-enhanced projects that approach real world application of technology

Let students use technology to solve problems

Promote students’ use of technology to support higher-order thinking, e.g. analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of ideas and information

Promote students’ use of technology to create new ideas and representations of information

Use technology equipment such as laser cutters

Use robotics in teaching

Use virtual reality and/or augmented reality tools in teaching

Know how to act myself when classes go to out-of-school learning environments in general

Know how to act myself if/when classes visit Fablabs/Makerspaces

Know how to act myself if classes participate in activities outside school

Stimulate students’ learning in out-of-school learning environments

Prepare students for activities in out-of-school learning environments

Follow up activities that have taken place in an out-of-school learning environment

Integrate activities in school with visits to out-of-school learning environments

Prepare students for visits to a Fablab/Makerspace

Follow up a visit to a Fablab/Makerspace

Scoring self-efficacy: My results Average results*
* Average results from 336 self-assessments
Problem solving
Critical thinking
Group work
Technology use
- of teacher
- stimulating students’ use
Teaching in Informal learning environment
My personal result number: MGCXrYKWqI

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